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Uma, the founder of Maple7, has been involved in cycling since the age of 22, and also established a publishing house to publish books on sports training.

As a mother who loves cycling and triathlon, training and family are all her daily life. Always thinking about healthier and quicker energy supplements. After continuous research and experimentation, and breaking through various difficulties, the maple syrup supply contract was signed in Quebec, Canada, which gave birth to Taiwan's first pure natural supplement brand: Maple7.

Inspired by needs

As a multi-tasked mother, Uma constantly changes in her three identities: mother, healthy food lover, and athlete.

"Returning to sports training, I often eat energy gel while racing and I feel uncomfortable after eating too much. I found that the commercially available energy gel needs to be added with acid and antiseptic ingredients. Perhaps this may be the cause of my discomfort. So I study carefully. I think there are always athletes in the world who have the same problems as me! So I discovered that the Canadian Quebec cycling team's supplement is maple syrup."

Healthy and effective supplement

“After careful research, I was surprised to find that maple syrup is rich in many minerals, especially manganese and calcium, as well as 54 kinds of polyphenols that help antioxidants, of which 5 are unique to maple syrup. Maple syrup is also mentioned. It is the lower glycemic index among sugars. Maple syrup is therefore considered a Superfood, the best natural and delicious sports supplement! It is also a supplement designated by the Quebec Bicycle Association of Canada.”

“When there is no way to rely on real foods such as bananas and bread, I hope we have the choice to eat natural supplements. In the process of replenishing energy, there is no need to worry about excessive doses that will cause discomfort. At the same time, the superfood, maple syrup, provides the body with a variety of polyphenols to help prevent oxidation. Every bite you take is full of positive energy!”